7th House (House of Partnerships)

  This primary portfolio of this house is partnerships. This implies to the professional and personal Partnerships. Your partner will be seen from this house. Other things covered are marriage, sexual affairs, medium-term desires, business partner, commerce, travel, journeys, law courts,  nature of spouse, the world at large as seen by the native. Other relationships covered in this house apart from Spouse and business partner are … Continue reading 7th House (House of Partnerships)

5th House (House of children and Love)

5th house has the portfolios of children and the future of the person. It also has additional charge of deep learning and knowledge. 5th house plays an important part in all our love affairs. It also governs analytical ability of  a person. It is refereed to as a trikone in traditional astrology which makes it highly positive house in the horoscope. Other relationships covered in this … Continue reading 5th House (House of children and Love)

4th House (House of Roots)

This house represent the roots a person his relationship to his place of birth, mother and family. The primary portfolios of this house are mother and Education.  It also covers all the well wishers of Person. Some of the other things that is covers is land property ownership, vehicles or modes of transports, reputation, The body parts covered in this house are Chest, Lungs and Heart Continue reading 4th House (House of Roots)

3rd House (House of courage)

Along with courage the other portfolios of this house include short distance travels, memory and your first sibling. This house also governs assistance that we receive from other like PA, domestic help, short term contracts and also computer skills. The house usually provides neutral results with inclination towards negative natures. In most ancient text it is considered a bad influence house unless supported properly but … Continue reading 3rd House (House of courage)

1st House (Ascendant) – House of Self

Out of the 12 houses the first house is the most important of them all. Being the first house, all the subsequent houses stand in relation to it. Every thing depends upon the strength or otherwise of this house. The ascendant in a horoscope governs the self . It also provides important clues about what guides you in life. Some of the important things that … Continue reading 1st House (Ascendant) – House of Self