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Marriage, Divorce, Litigation, Expenses and Affairs

Short Notice Wedding When the houses 2,7 and 11 come with 8th house this indicate that marriage will happen at a short notice. And can also lead to financial gains from the wedding. Expensive Wedding When the house 2,7 and 11 come with 12th house it means the person will usually have an extravagant wedding. Living-In relationship When houses 7 and 11 come with 8 … Continue reading Marriage, Divorce, Litigation, Expenses and Affairs

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Marriage and Divorce in Astrology

Marriage and relationships are two very different things that can be seen in horoscopes. This section covers which houses come into play when you get married and or divorced. Timing for a marriage Let us understand marriage in the traditional sense. To get married a person will start his own family and will no longer be single this would mean the significance of house number … Continue reading Marriage and Divorce in Astrology

12th House (House of Exit)

First house represents the beginning, the birth and 12th house in Vedic Astrology, being the last house completes the lifecycle and represents the endings. Other things covered in this house Expenses, losses economic , wastes, travel abroad (immigration),  journey to far off distant lands, confinement in prison, pleasures of the secret enemies (deceivers). The Relationships include in this house Father’s brother are Stepfather. The body … Continue reading 12th House (House of Exit)

11th House (House of Gain and Desires)

11th house in Vedic Astrology is considered as one of the most auspicious house.  The primary portfolios of this house are gain and fulfilment of desires. This planets of house and their lordships can overturn the effects of negative houses also. The relationship in this house are Elder siblings, First eldest, Son’s wife, 5th younger sibling. Body parts in this house are Calves, Ankles, Left ear. Continue reading 11th House (House of Gain and Desires)

10th House (House of Effort and Career)

10th house is treated as the ground for the foundation of effort. This house is the most important house for career of a person. This house decides what kind of effort the person will do thru this house. Other things in this house would be occupation, profession, career, reputation, prestige, success and status, promotions, living in foreign lands, commerce, trade, clothing. The Relationship in this house … Continue reading 10th House (House of Effort and Career)

9th House (House of Luck)

House No. 9 is known as ‘the commencement of luck’. Lucky period of the native shall start, good or bad, when the planet in this house becomes effective. This is considered to be one of the most beneficial houses of the Horoscope. Some of the other things that linked with this house are fortunes,  world view, science and literature, higher education, professional training, gurus, worship, solution … Continue reading 9th House (House of Luck)

8th House (House of Secrets)

The primary portfolio of this house is the Secrets and Sudden events that happen in your life. This house is considered to one of most malefic houses in the horoscope. All unearned wealth like inheritance, lottery money, insurance money etc are also judged from this house.  As a rule all gains from this are accompanied by some sort of a bad event. I.E in case of lottery … Continue reading 8th House (House of Secrets)