Astrology Consult

After you have paid for the report please email us your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth to It can take up to 3 days to receive your report to you.

If you do not have have your time of birth and date of birth. Then you should opt for option 5 which is a Question Only Option. It may not give a lot of detail in terms of reporting but it can be used for answering specific questions and the timing of events that you are concerned about.


Option 4 – Phone Consult

This is a one to one session with me. In which I will give you a detailed analysis of your horoscope and also provide you answers to any question that you might have.


Option 3 – Detailed Horoscope Analysis and Analysis of every house

This option includes the report from option 1 and we deliver an mp3 recording (10 to 15mins) on details of each of houses and there lords are impacting on your life.


Option 2 – Astrology Report and One Specific Question

This options includes the report from option 1. Plus we complete a detailed analysis of your question based on your chart and provide your with an audio file with the answer to your question.


Option 1 – Computerised Astrology Report

This is a computer generated report which will provide you with the following things – Your Indian Astrology Chart – Planet placement details – Nature and Temperament – Results of all the plannets – Interpretations for all planets in diffrent houses – Influnces of Planets on your body – Results and timing of Saturn Sadhesati – Recommendations for Gem Stones – All Comboniations in your chart – Annual horoscope with predictions divided into 9 parts


Question Only Option

This is only to be used if you do not have your date of birth and time of birth. In this section we can only identify the answer to the specific question that you ask. To get this right please note down the time, date and place at which you decided to ask the question.




Please remember to you send us your Date of birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth for options 1 to 4.