Marriage, Divorce, Litigation, Expenses and Affairs


Short Notice Wedding

When the houses 2,7 and 11 come with 8th house this indicate that marriage will happen at a short notice. And can also lead to financial gains from the wedding.

Expensive Wedding

When the house 2,7 and 11 come with 12th house it means the person will usually have an extravagant wedding.

Living-In relationship

When houses 7 and 11 come with 8 then it indicates that the couple will have a live in relationship but not an official marriage.

Complicated Divorce Cases

In our previous post we discussed marriage and divorce combinations now will continue the discussion what happens when other houses get involved with houses 1,6,10.

Divorce due to an affair (5th House)

House number 5 is also called house of love when it sits with 1,6,10 it can indicate the involvement with another person as cause of divorce.

Messy Divorce with litigation and Expenses (8th and 12th House)

When the houses 1,6,8,10,12 get involved this indicate divorces, separation, ligation and massive expenses.

When house 1,6,10 get involved with 5, 8 and 12 then it can lead to problems with problems related 5 (love, children), 8th (sudden event) and 12 (expenses).

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