Marriage and Divorce in Astrology

wedding-1246897__480Marriage and relationships are two very different things that can be seen in horoscopes. This section covers which houses come into play when you get married and or divorced.

Timing for a marriage

Let us understand marriage in the traditional sense.

To get married a person will start his own family and will no longer be single this would mean the significance of house number 1 decrease and house number 2 increases.

Marriage is also a partnership between two people so the we need the 7th house to be active as well.

The final thing that needs to be involved for marriage is the 11th house which signifies gain, fulfilment of desires and social acceptance.

Conditions for Divorce

As a general rule of astrology the 12th house from every house works against it. Where marriage was based on creating new family (2nd), relationship (7th) and gain/fulfilment (11th). The houses invoiced in divorce are 1st, 6th and 10th.

The reasoning is quite simple, the divorce would break up the family which would make you single again signified by 1st house. 6th house signifies litigation, government paper and courts and to get the divorce you will need to deal with either of the above. And 10th house signifies the effort that would be involved in going through this process.

Supporter for Marriage

The houses 5 and 9 act as supporters of marriage and married life. These houses represent your children and father and close friends.

Now it is not a given that divorce would happen as soon as 1,6,10 appear in the horoscope. If there is 2,7,11,5,9 present along with these houses they will try and protect this marriage.

Some of the other exceptions include the exchange of lordships, Venus in dashas for example.

In the next post we will discuss what do addition of houses 5,8 and 12 do to the divorce scenario.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage and Divorce in Astrology

  1. Sir, My dob is 8.12.1968 at Brahmapur odisha , time 12.33 am .My wife dob is 27.8.1981at Brahmapur odisha time 11.24 am.I married on 15th march 2017 .My wife died on 24.12.2017, marriage lasted only for 9 months.Now I want to know why this tragedy happened to me.


    1. Hi Kamlesh,

      Sorry to hear about the loss of your wife but it was nothing to do with your horoscope.

      Your wife passed away in the dasha of Venus-Rahu- Jupiter in her horoscope.

      Venus is the lord of 6 and 11 debilitate in 10. Rahu is in 8 with mars lord of 8 and 12 which would power up the effect of houses 8 and 12.

      This would make a combination of 1 4 6 8 11 12. This can denote a person exist from the world.




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