3rd House (House of courage)

dog-2051938_1920Along with courage the other portfolios of this house include short distance travels, memory and your first sibling. This house also governs assistance that we receive from other like PA, domestic help, short term contracts and also computer skills.

The house usually provides neutral results with inclination towards negative natures. In most ancient text it is considered a bad influence house unless supported properly but other aspect of the horoscope.

Some of the other things that are assesed from this house are  short-term desires, short trips, short contacts, telephonic contacts, writing, correspondence, vitality.

Relationship that directly effected  by this house are Siblings, First youngest. Siblings of mother’s father.

Body part that this house effects are Upper limbs, Shoulders, Arms, Elbows, Hands, Wrists, Upper chest, Right ear.

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